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Real EstateAt the Law Office of Bradley L. Schencker, we deliver the real estate law services you need to protect your financial interests and ensure that you achieve the legal outcomes you need most. We are committed to providing you with our dedicated personalized service at a flat rate fee, which ensures that we get to talk without watching the clock. For many, real estate transactions are the largest financial commitments they are involved with. There are multiple parties involved in these transactions, including realtors, lenders, appraisers and sometimes government personnel. Laws and regulations change on a regular basis, requiring ongoing education to keep up with them. Looking at the overall picture of a real estate transaction can cause confusion and is when problems may arise.

Our firm has helped numerous owners, investors, businesses and other entities to navigate the complicated waters of real estate law in Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, Prospect Heights, Palatine, Arlington Heights and surrounding areas. The Law Office of Bradley L. Schencker consists of a professional team experienced in real estate transactions. As your legal team, we will be the ones looking closely at every transaction you bring before us, ensuring that everything is as it should be – and that your interests are protected.

Landlord/Tenant Law

Landlords and tenants naturally struggle to come to terms with each other from time to time. Our firm works on behalf of both landlords and tenants to help resolve problems and bring everyone on the same page. For landlords, we can help draft lease agreements that will protect you and your property while adhering to all applicable laws and regulations. Should you run into problems with a tenant, we can provide legal counsel and representation. For tenants, we can help you determine if your lease is fair and legal, and we can represent you should your landlord treat you unfairly or illegally.

Buyers and Sellers

If you are buying or selling property in the Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, Prospect Heights, Palatine, Arlington Heights areas and beyond, we can represent you and ensure that you are protected from any possible mistakes in the transaction process. Whether you are buying your first home and are nervous about details, or you are a serious investor who wants to protect yourself from any possible issues, we can help you accomplish your real estate goals.


Foreclosure is the process of the bank or other lienholder taking your rights to a property away. This process is very detailed and every step of the process must be followed to the letter of the law or the lienholder may have to start the process over. Having helped over 500 people through this difficult process, we know what to do to protect you and your rights. Many clients have been able to receive very attractive modifications and – as part of our representation – we handle all aspects of your housing issues.

Please contact the Law Office of Bradley L. Schencker today to discuss how our flat rate services can benefit your real estate law needs. Our team is standing by to answer your questions and help you protect your interests from start to finish.

Posted by: jorellana on July 12, 2016