Divorce Preparation Guide

Divorce preparation will allow your case to be less expensive and better organized. For many people, starting to make the life changing decision to begin a divorce case is mentally, physically and emotionally

Spying in Divorce! Is it ok?

FEDERAL LAW In December of 2016, the Federal Appellate Court in Illinois ruled that a spouse had violated the Federal Wiretap Act. During a divorce, a party who established auto-forwarding on their

Divorce law and the Darkside?

The Darkside of Divorce A few weeks ago, I attended a networking event and a person approached me and shared their experience in their career as a real estate agent. As

Divorce is Done– Now What?

Going through the divorce process can be a long and difficult endeavor. There are many life changes that occur that are not necessarily limited to the ending of a legal

Technology and the Community Law Office

On Friday I will be attending the annual American BarAssociation Technology Show. This is the international technology showcase for the legal industry and all the big players in the industry

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